Reservation Policy

Booking Policies

To book a villa you need to deposit a specific amount of money. The exact sum depends on the days you will need to book the villa and also on the type of villa you will choose. After you deposit the agreed amount of money,your reservation is confirmed.
* In case you don’t deposit the money within 7 days, our company has the right to cancel the reservation without informing you. After you arrive at our accommodation you are kindly requested to fully pay the price of your stay, besides the deposit you have already made.

Ways of payment

  1. through a bank deposit to our company’s bank account:
    BIC code: PIRBGRAA
    IBAN: GR5301724540005454096115317
    Account Holder (Beneficiary): Adamantios Ergatis (Tsakmakisvillas).

It is necessary to add your name and surname in order for us to identify your deposit and confirm your reservation. You are requested to bring us the receipt of your transaction or send it to us via email:

2. Credit card upon your arrival at our accommodation.

Cancel your reservation

* If you want to cancel your reservation for free you should do it at least 60 days before your arrival.In this case, the deposit you have made is sent back to your bank account.

* If you cancel your reservation later than that then you will have to pay 37,5%of the total price of your reservation.

* If you want to cancel your reservation 14 days or less than 14 days before you arrive,you will have to fully pay the price of your reservation.

* In case you don’t come on the day you have reserved the villa without informing the owner, you will lose your reservations as well as the money of the deposit. The accommodation is automatically considered available for a new reservation from another customer.

* In case you leave the accommodation earlier than planned then the owner has the legal right to ask you cover the 80% of the total cost of your stay.

* In case you wish to have a later check out than the one we offer (11:00-18:00) then there is an extra fee which can be from 50% to 100% of the total price, depending on the exact time of your check out.
Company policy.

• Reception is open from 09:00 to 21:00.

• Check in is available from 15:00 to 21:00.

• Check out must be done no later than 11:00.

• Cats and dogs are allowed with some limitations though. They mustn’t come into contact with towels,sheets and bed linen in general. Also, they are not allowed into the swimming pool because of allergies.
Dog and cat hairs are not considered allergens themselves. However, they may contain different types of allergens like pollen,dust and mites. No other pets are allowed.

• Parties and other types of events that disrupt the peace and quiet of the place are forbidden.

• All children who are younger than 16 years old should be supervised by an adult while using the swimming pool.

• There is a sign with the basic safety rules of using the pool in the area around it.Visitors are requested to make use of the pool at least 2 hours after they have eaten.

• Any kind of damage caused in the accommodation should be completely covered by the visitor whi is also requires to inform the owner about it.

• Smoking is forbidden in all the rooms as well as in all the indoor parts of the accommodation

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